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1. In how many triathlon you are?

2. Where are you from?

3. For you, What's the key part in a triathlon?

4. Do you like help charity with a little price i a triathlon?

5. How many KM can you do to arrive a triathlon

6. Do you like to participate in a triathlon in the Barcelona metropolitanian area with a hotel in Barcelona city center?

7. Do you like to use services how parking, transfer hotel-start line, VIP service, Bar, expo, Transfer your bike from your country to hotel etc ...?

8. What's important for you in a race?

9. In how many triathlon you paied and for any reason you couldn't be in start line?

10. How do you move to a triathlon

11. You travel with more people that no participate in the event?

12. Normally, you buy the photos, rent a bike or rent a swimsuit?

13. In what month you prefer the triathlon?

14. How you know the triathlons ?

15. Do you have any recommendation?